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Everything You Need To Know About B2B Marketing Trends in 2024

The B2B marketing landscape is constantly evolving, shaped by ever-changing customer behaviours and technological advancements. To stay ahead, marketers need to be agile and adaptable, able to navigate these disruptions and seize new opportunities. As traditional marketing tools are not effective anymore,the audience is looking for new and innovative solutions. Understanding B2B Marketing trends is crucial.

As a B2B marketer, it is important to identify the recent trends and the algorithm that works for companies. Are you worried about missing the trends? Well, we have got you covered.

For B2B marketers, staying ahead of the curve is a must. And, for that you must identify the B2B marketing trends as they come and go. To make things easy, we have curated a list of 9 trends that are sure to rule this year.

Top 9 B2B Marketing Trends in 2024

Here are the top 9 Trends that are expected to influence the marketing domain in 2024.

1. Implementation of AI Platforms for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has undergone a lot of changes since AI has taken over. Here is how AI has changed the scenario:

  • The traditional way of starting in one language and then translating into others is not going to do justice. Thanks to AI tools, creating marketing copies and content in a brand’s voice and tone has become easy. You can create human-like copies and may evoke the same emotions with the help of AI tools.
  • These tools help in delivering customised marketing experiences along with enhanced optimization of marketing campaigns for better outcomes. 

Have you noticed Myntra’s voice search optimization on their app recently? If yes, then that’s the magic of AI tools.

Another marketing trend that has become buzz among B2B marketers is collaborating with creators. This is a stand-out trend in 2024.

2. Collaborating With Influencers

A new-age marketing trend that is taking over is influencer marketing. Brands are collaborating with influencers and creators for paid promotions. They are doing so to launch their new products or spread the word about recent discounts or special membership offers. 

  • Businesses may reach great heights by collaborating with industry influencers. They are the respected voices who already have gained the attention and the trust of the target audience. 
  • This strategy is crucial for creating brand awareness and allows effective communication between the brand and the consumers. 

Now that influencers have done their work, B2B marketers can also send personalised video emails from their side.

3. Sending Customised Video Emails

In this digital era, marketers should stop sending text emails and start sending video emails. 

  • As the attention span of the current generation is very low, they are more likely to watch a video rather than read texts. Tech is getting better at allowing companies to send custom broadcast video emails. 
  • Moreover, you should start experimenting instead of waiting. For example- Creating YouTube shorts or short clips on Instagram may act as a marketing funnel to get new subscribers.

Apart from sending video emails companies may put in a little more effort and host offline events for better audience engagement.

4. Hosting Event Marketing Campaigns in Hybrid formats

B2B in-person events are transforming.

  • You must have seen designers host events at multiple venues using creative lighting and transformative surfaces to create visually attractive experiences. 
  • Marketers today need to design creative strategies to create sustainable experiences and satisfy the needs of a larger audience. This will result in creating a long-lasting impact on all the attendees.  

Event marketing may not be that difficult to implement but the next point that we are going to discuss related to the trends is a critical one. It is the Power of Storytelling.

5. Unleashing the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is an essential part of content marketing or we can say it is the heart of it.

  • Emphasis should be given to producing high-quality, value-addition and insightful content that the audience may connect to. 
  • Brands must have a compelling story to tell that resonates with the audience. This will help them to stand out in the crowded market. 

Creating engaging narrative works but did you know that ABM has also gained a lot of attention recently and is creating dominance in the industry?

6. The Account-Based Marketing Strategy

ABM is a popular strategy where a company targets a particular business’s accounts rather than targeting a single lead. This allows more personalized marketing efforts.

  • Strategies like these are mainly used in Asia-Pacific where traditional marketing efforts do not work. Overcoming linguistic barriers and cultural problems in markets like Japan requires hiring experienced marketing professionals to carry out initiatives.

Though Instagram helps companies in every possible way, LinkedIn is no less a gem in lead generation and conversion.

7. Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Companies nowadays enjoy running lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn, particularly in the form of Ads. Though the cost per lead is higher as compared to other platforms, companies are more likely to get leads that are interesting and relevant to your business. In addition, overall lead conversion cost tends to be on the lower side. 

The next trend is going to blow your mind and companies today are indeed hiring people without a fancy degree.

8. Hiring Skilled People Over Degree-holders

People got hired without a three-year or a four-year college degree is the most relevant and positive change that the workforce has seen today. 

  • Nowadays what matters is finding talented people with relevant skills and they must be technical geeks. This can lead to a dramatic change in society especially in terms of high-wage careers that the current generation does not have access to easily.

Hiring people without degrees sounds cool, right? But what if I tell you even podcasts are the coolest way to level up your B2B marketing strategy?

9. Podcast As A Popular Marketing Medium

The podcast is an effective B2B marketing channel to market your business. One can showcase their products and services, build client relationships, and establish leadership through podcasts.

  • Podcasts usually come and go in the blink of an eye. Mainly because it’s really hard to gain the attention of such a large audience until and unless your content is extremely exclusive. 
  • Many B2B marketers today are launching podcasts especially to discuss ideas and the challenges that they face while creating a brand. Such tailored experiences may help the audience from repeating mistakes.

FAQs: Everything You Need To Know About B2B Marketing trends in 2024

What is the Rule of 7 in B2B marketing?

It means that a company takes around 7 exposures with a prospect to achieve sales in B2B. Rule 7 requires you to interact with your prospects repeatedly. One needs to constantly pose their brand in front of their prospects.

How can I become a leader as B2B marketing transforms?

First and foremost discover your target audience. Take calculated risks. Be flexible and comfortable while experimenting with new tactics and exploring buying habits. 

How can one stay updated with the latest marketing trends in the fast-paced world?

Try engaging with prominent leaders through their blogs, YouTube channels, and social media handles. Also, attend webinars that will help you get valuable insights to stay ahead of the crowd.

Why is customer feedback important in B2B marketing?

Analysing the data and actively listening to customer’s feedback will help you deliver customised experiences and build loyalty.


In conclusion, we have covered the hottest B2B marketing trends. Also, remember to stay informed, you should connect with influential thinkers, use advanced marketing data tools, and join industrial gatherings. 

However, many innovative trends are rising across all industries. So if you are a B2B marketer and you are looking to capitalise on these new amazing marketing trends, you may consider the above-mentioned points for your marketing initiatives. Alternatively, you can reach out to Zoringa Ventures as they are the best in the market and suitable for B2B demand generation to meet your business needs.