B2B Email Marketing

7 Important Tips for B2B Email Marketing with Examples

99% of consumers check the mail inbox on a daily basis. So, it is evident that if businesses want to get noticed and convert leads, they must bring their A-game to emails. Anyone can write an email outlining their services. But for effective and engaging B2B Email Marketing, careful planning is crucial.  

It is not just the content. Who you are speaking to-your audience matters the most. What also matters are the follow-ups and that too, at the right time, placing the CTAs; and more. 

Marketing emails are not a simple sales pitch. You are trying to foster relationships. So, your tone must resonate with your recipients’ needs. And for that you need strategy.

To guide you to write compelling email copies, we have curated a list of seven indispensable tips. Whether you are a veteran or amateur in the business sector, these B2B email marketing strategies will elevate your email game driving meaningful engagement.

Defining B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is a strategy where businesses promote their products and services to other businesses. 

  • The main goal is to build relationships with potential clients, build brand awareness, and generate sales. Some of these tactics involve promotional offers, circulating newsletters, and updates on products, all tailored according to the needs of the businesses. 
  • If done right, B2B marketing encourages the business to make the purchase and take action. 

Without further ado let’s see why these strategies are important for businesses. 

Why is a B2B Email Marketing Strategy Required by Businesses?

We are sure that most of you are thinking about how a simple strategy helps a company to generate sales.

  • According to a report by Vital Design, more than 72% of B2B buyers are using emails to share their content. This shows that emails do not just end up in your spam folder. 

If the message is received by the target audience then there is a good chance that they will also share your content via email to other people. Your emails might be forwarded to a social network. 

  • Also, another point to remember is that for every dollar spent on email marketing campaigns, you get 44 dollars in return. This is such a huge number that may not be delivered by traditional marketing strategies. 

Therefore, email marketing strategy should not be neglected by businesses otherwise they might lose a huge amount. Creating an email list should be the top priority of the businesses.

Now let’s dive deep into some of the B2B email marketing tips and strategies that will kick-start businesses’ online journey.

B2B Email Marketing Strategies

To nail your B2B email marketing campaign you need to use the strategies mentioned below.

1. Finding Your Target Audience

B2B marketing mainly addresses a more informed audience.

  • When you consider regular customers, sometimes they are very less informed about what they are purchasing. On the other hand, when you consider business clients they know what they are buying from the starting point. They do not depend on indulgence buying rather they make decisions that are calculated and rational. 
  • Therefore, when you consider B2B sales, always remember that business clients are different from regular clients. Your clients could be a company that uses materials to produce T-shirts or you might target government agencies or institutions if your product matches their needs.

2. Email Header Plays an Important Role

The most crucial aspect of any email campaign is the email header. 

  • If you want to generate B2B sales your content needs to be suitable and tailored according to the audience. Your goal should be to catch their attention at the very first instance. For example, if you are using a banner in your mail it should contain a clear logo and headings must be bold.

Pro tip- Use an online tool for creating email banners. 

3. Create Engaging Subject Lines

One should consider the following points while writing an email subject line,

  • Avoid spam words and symbols 
  • The subject line should be a of minimum 17 characters
  • The subject line should be short, containing 3 to 5 words.
  • Including an emoji in your subject line is helpful.

Businesses should do trial and test their email subject lines which help them make informed decisions in the future.

4. Including  Call to Action in Your Emails

Having a call to action on your email template helps the customers to directly reach your landing page. A CTA may be in the form of an option, or a question. For example, you may include an option of ‘Go hunting’ on your mail as a CTA.

5. Segment Your Emails

Email segmentation emails help businesses to group their audience according to certain characteristics. Creating a group according to the buyer’s persona helps you get your clients easily. This in turn helps companies to send customized emails to segmented groups.

6. Make Use of Templates

Build a solid library of email templates as it saves a lot of time. Each template must be customized and visually appealing. For example,

  • Thank you emails
  • Surveys
  • Welcome emails
  • Newsletters
  • Webinar emails
  • Unsubscribe emails.

7. Choose Appropriate Time to Sell and Educate

Companies need to give reasons to the customers to join them. Providing some educational content will help them nurture first. 

  • Content could be in the form of videos, blog posts, ebooks, or maybe articles. Educating the recipient about the business and the industry that you are working in gives your customers a rough idea which helps them in making decisions and you may end up generating sales.

Now that you have a better understanding of how email marketing works.

Let’s see some interesting examples that you may add to your mail.

Some Examples of B2B Email Marketing

Here are 4 examples of great B2B email marketing. These ideas can also work as an email template for your marketing needs. 

1. Event Newsletter

If a business is hosting a conference or any B2B event then the company must let their audience know about it. Help your audience by sharing a guide to what is happening during the event. Remember to add a signup link so that interested people can register.

2. Welcome Emails

As we say, the first impression is the last. Similarly, welcome emails make a first impression for you to make a new subscriber. These emails are usually automated and are considered to be high-engagement emails as customers get to know more about your brand.

3. Announcements

Company introduces any new feature or a product that is of limited edition then always remember to share an announcement email with the audience. For example, consider Grammarly, whenever Grammarly adds a new feature to its website it never forgets to send an email to its audience. This ensures that the users are active and drives more traffic.

4. Cross- Promotion

You might add ‘checked this out yet?’ in your mail. This ensures more traffic to your website. Also remember to add links to your YouTube channel, Instagram page, and blogs to build engagement and relationships with the clients.

FAQs: 7 Important Tips for B2B Email Marketing with Examples

How often should a company send emails?

One must send emails in a way that their customers are not annoyed. Do some trial- and error and then start sending frequent emails, and see how the audience is responding.

How long should an email be?

Length should be such that your customers don’t lose interest while reading. Make sure that only the most crucial points are added to your emails as the attention span of the current generation is very low.

How to improve the click-through rate?

More informative and relevant emails are likely to get a click on CTAs and links. Remember to personalize your content according to subscribers’ needs. 


Having a human touch in your mail is important. We focus so much on getting a task done in a highly professional manner that we always forget to add value and have a human touch. A lot of B2B marketing email campaigns fail due to the lack of emotional and human aspects which is required to build a genuine relationship. 

Email marketing has the power to build powerful relationships. So, when building a B2B email campaign, always find the balance between the business value and the emotional aspect. It’s like you are talking to a human. If used wisely and strategically it can work wonders.

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